Patient Services

Distribution Services: Currently promoting projects  within the beverage, nutraceutical, and medical industries. Orbital’s veteran group of people have successfully worked in distribution domestically and internationally; as shareholders/partners.

Orbital Media & Marketing Services – Innovation is the lifeblood of everything we do at Orbital Media and we believe our unique media approach to modern television advertising which encompasses; National  Cable Spots, Radio, and Total Digital Marketing Solutions, (a.k.a. SEO,  PPC, and SMM) when integrated, provides access to the full spectrum of  marketing campaigns.

Commercial Production: It began just over 20 years ago with our team’s first infomercial and has evolved into one of the nation’s leading full-service media buying, production and campaign  management firms. We serve a broad spectrum of sectors such as mortgage,  auto, learning, health and fitness to name just a few. With a seasoned  team that has bought over $1 billion worth of the right media in those sectors, our clients would tell you that we played a big part of why they realized over $50 billion in revenues.

We understand that your advertising / prospecting can be a full-time job. Just answering all the inquiries from lead-generation can be overwhelming. We get it!  We value your needs and have built our marketing services around this important aspect of your business. By utilizing our one of a kind Marketing program, we are able to help you get the phone to ring and see results!

Essentially our team of media specialists takes a personal approach  to every company we work with as no two companies are the same. With that said, we will create a custom turn-key advertising program that best fits your needs for the highest ROI.

Specifically, our TV campaigns deliver measurable results when done  through our full-service process. Whether you’ve tried TV in the past or not, let us introduce you to our lead-generating programs. From creating the television spots to tracking and analyzing daily results to call intake set-up and scripting, 

Orbital was created to help demystify the advertising process, so you can focus on what’s important. Your business!

Our goal is to create a long-term rapport with you and your company.  We only truly benefit if you are successful. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

National Spot Cable Platform: Orbital provides Digital Insertion, Video Production, Traffic and Entry Billing, while leveraging the latest technology.

Radio: Orbital is presently expanding their media footprint with additional radio coverage, thusly, enlarging our capabilities to reach the consumer by overlapping the TV spots areas with an increase in air time.

Total Digital Marketing Solutions: Is a fully customized option to get the most out of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) – Why is this important to you? 85% of  people do an online search before deciding which company they’re going  to spend their money with. Effective SEO campaigns can provide a company with a distinct advantage in attracting a portion of this 85% of people.

Customized Pay-Per-Click Advertising, (PPC) – Is a  very effective way to attract attention for a business, service, or product and the results of the PPC marketing can be traced relatively easily.

Social and Business Media Advertising, (SMM) – Focuses on generating awareness of products and services by advertising in places where people “talk.” Word-of-mouth advertising is generally  seen to be the most effective form of advertising and SMM is as close as digital marketing gets to word-of-mouth advertising.

Website Design and Development: is a customized job specific to a client’s needs, wants, and specifications. For an initial consultation on cost please contact a representative.

Conclusion: The Orbital Group is proud to bring  decades of relevant experience and innovation to create and provide solutions that resolve the sum of the challenges not only facing the medical providers, but also the retail consumer alike! What the Orbital  Group has generated to date forms a solid foundation for the execution of the group’s business model, which will be further enhanced by a pipeline of new internally developed opportunities.

The Orbital Group understands Simplicity, that’s why we quote Leonardo da Vinci…

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”