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Innovation is the lifeblood of everything we do at Orbital Media and we  believe we have a unique approach to modern television advertising.  National Cable Spots, Radio, and Expert Digital Advertising (a.k.a SEO,  PPC, and SMM) integrate to provide access to the full spectrum of  marketing campaigns.

Orbital Media Systems provides the experience, expertise and  technology to allow operators to optimally monetize inventory while our  advertising account reps are focused on finding advertising clients  cost-effective ways of managing TV audiences.

Our personal service and attention to detail helps advertisers  interested in increasing sales and improving brand recognition while  offering the particular advantage of reaching highly-targeted TV markets  other cable providers cannot.

Orbital Media’s management interface allows you to manage traffic,  planning and billing, administer sites, enable new sites without cues,  establish mirroring and replication rules and fine tune insertion to  maximize net profits.

The proprietary insertion technology is the latest innovation in this  sector of advertising. The newest product has the same reliability as  our previous products, but brings the power of the internet to Ad  insertion to enable new capabilities never seen in the industry before.

We have partnered with the only company in the industry that has the  patent pending technology to insert on smaller head ends that are  powered by Direct to Home Satellite Networks, as well as hospitals,  multiple dwelling units and hotels.

Orbital Media’s creative team will produce your commercial to deliver  your message to your market. We are a turnkey operation:  we produce  your commercial, target your market, target your demographic and arrange  the most cost effective frequency and distribution.

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