Laboratory Services

Transforming Hospital Laboratories into Profit Centers

We are a healthcare services company that implements and manages turnkey hospital-based laboratory outreach programs.

Our programs utilize the Hospital’s existing laboratory during “non-peak” periods to provide laboratory services to physicians and healthcare providers within the Hospital’s market service area.

Our proven and experienced staff will handle the pre-analytical and post-analytical functions, as well as all the other non-laboratory outreach related functions to build and maintain a viable and profitable service offering for a Hospital’s market.

We have developed and refined a successful proprietary business model that has enabled participating hospitals to realize substantial profits from their outreach laboratory testing market.

 Let our team build or expand your hospital’s outreach business.

 Key Components of an IPHS Program:


  • Brings turn-key operational solutions for registration, phlebotomy, processing, client service’s and logistics
  • Provides entrepreneurial marketing, sales & service support
  • Provides specialized RCM solutions, regulatory compliance and staffing specifically for laboratory outreach services
  • Provides proprietary I.T. solutions critical to success of the program, online connectivity, workflow, and middleware
  • We do not own a lab. Our business objectives are aligned with those of the Hospital



Turnkey Outreach Program Management

Together with our partners we currently offer turnkey programs in multiple states. We are currently leveraging our management team and affiliates to expand these programs on a national basis.

We will manage the operations and handle all pre-analytical and post-analytical functions such as marketing and client service support, IT connectivity, phlebotomy, specimen handling, processing, order entry, pick-up, delivery, billing, compliance, and all non-testing functions.

Rural Outreach Program

With broadening its range of services to critical access hospitals (CAH) and sole community hospitals (SCH) that are not candidates for our traditional turn-key program, but still plan to develop smaller, local, laboratory outreach programs.

 Our Outreach Programs Offer:

  • Automated workflow and connectivity solution.
  • Consultation and training for hospital staff.
  • Offsite billing and compliance services.
  • Discounted supplies through shared purchasing resources.
  • Community based commercial reference lab partnerships.
  • Remote on-demand access to Toxicologists and Geneticists.

Selected Process Management

Many hospitals have the existing staff, expertise, and infrastructure necessary to manage many of the functions outlined above. To the extent that the hospital has gaps in their capabilities, we have the ability to support and/or manage selected functions as follows:


  • Revenue Cycle Optimization 
  • Billing and Compliance
  • Vendor Contracting & Management
  • Managed Care Contracting  
  • Sales & Marketing  
  • Logistics & Supplies Management
  • Client Services
  • Equipment & Service Agreements
  • Test Menu Optimization
  • Medical Directorship
  • QA/QC Review  
  • Software Solutions

Turn-Key Outreach Programs Benefit Hospitals, Doctors, Patients and Payers

Benefits to Hospitals

Hospital laboratories are often considered one of the Hospital's more significant cost centers. As part of a Hospital's commitment to quality patient care, it must maintain its laboratory operations 24 hours per day, seven days a week to perform the necessary testing for the Hospital's inpatient population. The capital cost to equip, staff and maintain laboratory facilities is exceedingly high; and at most Hospitals these facilities are an underutilized resource. Most Hospitals have excess capacity and the incremental costs to run additional tests are minimal, primarily involving the additional costs for reagents and supplies.

 We have demonstrated that Hospitals can generate substantial profits utilizing their lab facilities during the "non-peak" periods. In collaboration with our partners, a typical Hospital can turn its traditional laboratory from a cost center into a significant profit center within its first year of operation. Our Outreach Programs not only generate significant revenue and profits for the Hospital, but also create operational efficiencies and improve inpatient testing as well. The management team has already been through the difficult "learning curve" which greatly improves the opportunity for a successful outreach program.


Why laboratory outreach works for hospitals:


  • Leverages the underutilized but significant hospital laboratory assets
  • Improves lab efficiency & performance which often exceeds productivity standards (RVU’s)
  • Establishes a significant, sustainable, and profitable new line of business
  • Reduces leakage outside of the hospital system
  • Represents a significant opportunity to improve physician relations
  • Ability to expand market reach outside of the system
  • Data collection

Benefits to Physicians & Patients

From the perspective of a community physician who regularly contracts for lab services, the advantages of the program are as follows:


  • Physicians are provided consistent results because the labs use the same methodologies and reference ranges.
  • For the same cost, it allows physicians and patients freedom of choice to support the Hospital and Lab(s) of their choice rather than be forced to contribute additional profits to publicly traded national laboratories.
  • In most cases, it strengthens patient-provider relations as a result of expanded access to in-network services on a local level.

Benefits to Payers

A key advantage to commercial payers is utilization of laboratories in their network. All of the guesswork pertaining to ‘in-network’ vs ‘out-of-network’ is eliminated which reduces their administrative costs. At the same time, it minimizes out-of-pocket costs incurred by the patients. Payers are satisfied because laboratory services are being performed by a contracted network facility. 

Together with our partners we are dedicated to delivering best-in-class service-line optimization, revenue enhancement, expense reduction, clinical transformation, and improved outcomes. We are known for our unmatched track record of success. Working collaboratively with our national network, we provide solutions that drive significant financial and operational improvement, delivering rapid, certain, and sustainable results.

We would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can transform your hospital lab into a profit center.