Orbital Group Inc

Company Overview  

We are a leading, full-service Information Technology consulting firm and custom software developer.

Orbital Finance Group leverages its experienced staff and partners to create cost-effective IT solutions of uncompromising quality. 

We are committed to providing true end-to-end total business infrastructure and integration solutions. Our comprehensive service offerings range from project related consulting to full IT outsourcing, and all the critical needs in between. 

We deliver State of the Art Software programs to ENHANCE EFFICIENCY AND PROFITABILITY of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Larger Provider Practices.

When our operational and compliance requirements began to expand exponentially, the performance and cost advantages of leveraging an outsourced data center solution became clear. We provide a unique blend of tremendous network density and hyper-redundant infrastructures with a focus on highly customized customer deployments, broad certifications and security including SSAE 18 SOC1 and SOC2 Type 2 audited and HIPAA compliant, PCI and IRS 1075 compliant, among others. Clients rest assured with layers of 24/7 physical and electronic security; closed-circuit TV; and mantraps with badge, PIN and biometric access.   

Some of the services offered are: 

Healthcare Claims Recovery 

Our partner has developed the first of its kind analytical software programs to recapture tens of millions of dollars lost in the sequencing problems submitted through electronic billing. Through software data bases, we typically recover 4% to 15% of lost revenue our clients never realized was missing, resulting in millions of dollars to that institutions bottom line.  


Service Lines Analytics  

As health care delivery for all but the sickest of patients shifts more and more often to an outpatient setting, it is becoming increasingly important from a business planning perspective to accurately understand the composition of outpatient care. Service line performance and opportunities must be evaluated from a holistic perspective, considering both inpatient and outpatient settings. This only becomes possible when outpatient encounters can be readily summarized and mapped to appropriate service lines. We have created the first of its kind for this analytical data.  

Supply Chain Analytics  

We provide a natural and convenient way to encode contexts among seemingly disparate data sources and models  while providing a common framework to house and represent all forms of physical activities, events, and entities, and simultaneously provide a means to transparently add meta-information to any single piece of data or data set. 

Physician / Patent Pharmaceutical Patient Portal. 

Through our Patient Portal, the Hospital or Doctor will immediately receive confirmation regarding the authorization on any Pharmaceutical prescription. This program will be the only source needed to submit prior authorizations requests for all drugs and virtually all healthcare plans. This Portal will save time and ease 

frustration with the prior authorizations process and will help insure patient gets their prescribed drugs. 

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