1. What is the main benefit to using Orbital Financings “Sub Prime to Prime” loan programs? 

Sales can increase 40% or higher depending on the utilization of the program. By adding payment options and or Sub-Prime to Prime financing to your website or advertising, sales will significantly increase customers or prospects. Our consumer finance platform accelerates cash flow, increases revenue and decreases costs.

2. What advantage does the Orbital Financing “Sub Prime to Prime” program have over other finance platforms or banks?

The Orbital Finance “Sub Prime to Prime” program is truly a SUB PRIME to PRIME Credit program. We will lend money to your clients with perfect credit and with less than perfect credit (as low as 550 FICO) with much friendlier terms than any other banking platform. We know that times are tough for many and credit is difficult to obtain. Our platform has multiple lenders (currently 22 lenders) lending on 1 application.

3. If a borrower is offered more than the sales price, can we upsell to a higher ticket item?

Yes you can.

4. Does the bank(s) direct deposit the moneys into my company bank account?

Yes they do. On term loans and installment loans it is a direct deposit into your company bank account.

5. What happens if the customer does not pay or defaults on their loan?

As our loan programs are NON RECOURSE, the merchant is protected and is not subject to refunding any money’s back to the lenders, unless there is a dispute between the borrower and merchant, where the merchant is found negligent and or incorrect. And of course the NON RECOURSE policy does not apply to fraud.