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An Orbital Overview

The purpose of this overview is to provide a clear understanding, in  part, as to the synergistic companies that constitute the Orbital Group.  These companies that form the Orbital Group provide a litany of goods  and services not only focused upon the medical industry, but in many  cases, have the flexibility to cross-pollenate into the consumer retail  sector.  

The Mission

We believe the heart of our company is in the service to others. We are  mindful that we are able to enter into a business community because we  are invited and selected to do so. We bring our core competencies and  resources in partnership with its leaders to enhance the health and  quality of life of the people in the region. Working in conjunction with  different businesses within their respective sectors, we strive to be  regionally focused and with the aspiration to be nationally recognized.  This is the standard by which we will be judged. We are motivated by a  singular mission that is woven into the fabric of our being.  

Business Overview

The primary objective is to acquire companies that can be seamlessly and  simplistically integrated into the Orbital business model, whether  vertically and/or horizontally.  



Our Unique Business Model

 Provides the integrated companies many benefits, some of which are…

  • Reduces overall CAC, (Cost of Acquisition of Client), and;
  • Increases exposure to an ever-expanding client base; without increasing budgetary allowances which;
  • Increases top-line & bottom-line growth, and with;
  • Positive identifiable results

The Orbital Group: A One Stop Solution Provider that Offers...

Financial Services

Orbital has access to over $1 Billion in funding for consumer finance programs. 

Medical Finance Program

 Consumer Credit Financing

  • Dental, Cosmetic Surgery, Orthopedic, Bariatric, Fertility, etc.
  • Minimum $200 to Maximum $100,000
  • FICO scores starting from 540 with funding direct to Merchant or Borrower
  • No Credit Programs available for funding up to $3,500
  • Installment loans / not credit lines or credit cards
  • Simple and quick merchant enrollment setup within 24 hours
  • Loan application approvals typically within 60 seconds
  • Loans funded within 72 hours upon completed loan documentation
  • Non-Recourse to Merchant

Merchant Services

Orbital Pay improves one area of greatest concerns for hospitals  & merchants today, “Profitability.” Whatever you are currently  using, Credit Card Terminals or Virtual Terminals, Orbital Pay…

  • Saves Time and Money
  • Qualifies merchant transactions at their lowest rates possible
  • Provides access to a full suite of online processing and reporting tools
  • Improves your patient’s or client’s experience

Payroll Services for Businesses

Founded in the year 2000, we have been servicing Payroll Clients nationally for over 15 years. Professionally managed by three seasoned Full time Co-Founder Directors with over 55 combined years of payroll experience. 

  • Payroll Preparation 
  • Government Reporting Compliance 
  • Special Reports 
  • Direct Deposit 
  • Payroll deductions, Garnishments and Levies 
  • Job cost accounting and cost allocation reports 
  • Vacation and sick time accruals 
  • Department summaries 
  • W-2’s
  • All Federal, State, County, and local filings 
  • And much more! 

Our goal is to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business through constant improvement by creating an environment of mutual trust and respect.  We shall foster teamwork and employee involvement while maintaining the highest ethical standards.