Financing Accounts Receivable for Emergency Departments
See pdf – e-Hospital Financing

Hospital Emergency Departments, are the Largest Source of Bad Debt for Hospitals

e-Hospital Finance provides Patient Loans to Combat Spiraling Unpaid “ED” Bills

HELPS Hospitals:
Accelerate Cash Flow
Immediate cash to the hospital
Increase Revenue
Patients are financed regardless of creditworthiness
Direct deposit to hospital
Decrease Costs of Billing & Collections
Increase efficiencies in cost & time of billing & collections.

Highlights of e-Hospital Patient Finance Program
1. Can fund 100% of all patients at 0% interest, regardless of patient’s credit worthiness.
2. Multiple hospitals currently in our program, all experiencing significant success.
Verification is available upon request for authorized executive.
3. Verbal “yes” from patient is all that is required initially to finance patients.
Saves time for staff
4. Direct deposit into hospital corporate account.
5. Handles billing and collections. Simply send us selected files and we will take it from there.
6. Can customize patient financing programs for a blend of RECOURSE & NON-RECOURSE.
NOTE: We strongly advise the RECOURSE program at 0% interest for patients with verbal acceptance.
Here’s Why! The hospital nets approximately 250% more cash than any other programs.
7. No long term contract or ugly cancellation fee required.
8. Free for hospital to join, no up front cost.
9. Finance limits are $250 to $50,000 for RECOURSE 0% interest – 24 to 84 month terms available.
10. Reported to Increase Net Cash Flow approximately 51%!!*
*Statement 10 is NOT a guarantee, and results may vary.
Actual Data from Hospital**
a) Comparison of revenue pre & post Financing : Before $2,577,061 After $ 3,900,000 Monthly
51.34% increase
b) Comparison of cost savings re: billing & collections Included in Above Calculation
c) Comparison on bond rating pre & post EHF: Data Not Currently Available
51.34% increase
**The above Actual Data From Hospital is representative of that
case, and is NOT a guarantee, and results may vary.

We Finance Accounts Receivables***
The “Recourse Accounts Receivable Finance Program”(post) where we finance in bulk, is identical to our “Recourse Patient Financing Program”(pre).
Simply notify your patients that the accounts have been transferred to be managed on the hospitals behalf. We send the patient a welcome letter and fund the account immediately.

1. Hospital’s accounts receivables
2. Notification and Welcome Letter as mentioned above.
3. Bank wires into SPE bank account
4. Processor deducts 22%* Bank Fee’s etc.
5. Hospital funded amount
NOTE: Subject to recourse, meaning if loan is defaulted, payback is required.
With our Recourse program at 0% interest, historically there is a 22% default amount typically.
$ 22,000,000
$ 78,000,000
***The above Example is representative of a specific case, and
is NOT a guarantee, and results may vary.